What we have been up to

In the crypto space things move faster than in traditional industries, months feels like years. Innovation happens at light speed as DAOs collaborate, integrate and share resources like in no other area. With us it hasn't been different and so much has happened since we first started and we wanted to share with you a few of the projects and tools we currently have going on.

P4C DAO Community

Since Play4Change is a DAO we needed to incentivize our community with our own utility token. Therefore we partnered with a Costa Rican-Brazilian organization called Cambiatus where they provided us a blockchain based platform in which we created our social currency called PLAY. We use their platform to engage our community as well as reward them for actions toward learning (Learn to Earn) and supporting Play4Change causes (Contribute to Earn). The members can then exchange their tokens for offers in our marketplace created by the community such as blockchain lessons or by our partners like access to education platforms such as Cointimes, Blockchain academy or upcoming games curated by our partners Blockchain Space.

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Impact NFTs

We held a session about metaverse, NFTs and games with kids and teenagers from the Educar+ NGO located in Complexo Chapadão, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Each of them created a drawing of what the metaverse was to them. These were minted into NFTs and placed to sale at the Mercado Bitcoin marketplace.


The NFTs were exposed at the NFT Rio event and the kids went up on the stage to talk about their art. The sales proceeds will be used to support their education, meals and purchase computers for the NGO.


Blockchain Games

We create income generation opportunities in our communities leveraging NFT games. Through gamified processes we incentivize learning in underserved communities. We believe in the next coming years we will be able make our community more resilient by offer them multiple sources of income through the new X to earn movement.

Blockchain games and NFTs can be the gateway to onboard a billion people to these new digital economies, most importantly the billion that need the most.

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We partnered with education platforms to offer their content for free to our community members so they have access to the best content covering blockchain and crypto 101, web3, NFTs, programming, design, etc. We also bring them to web3 conferences, hackathons and bootcamps so they can connect with people in the crypto industry.

As our members become upskilled we bring them career opportunities such as internships, part time and full time jobs in web3 companies, DAOs, corporations or game studios. If they want to pursue the entrepreneurship path we also incubate and invest in their projects.

Social Impact

We partner with Impacto to build an ecosystem where the curated NGOs have access to financial resources, support and visibility. We bring simplicity, transparency and trust to the donation process so donors can see where their money went. Impacto seeks to facilitate and disseminate the culture of giving in Brazil, connecting social investors with serious and hand-selected civil society organizations.

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Metaverse Creators

We are building our Play4Change headquarter in the metaverse where we will have the following:


Learning center for our community to gather, connect and learn together.


Game station with games, items and experiences designed by our community.


Community Gallery to expose the creations of our NFT artists.

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Blockchain in Public Schools

In partnership with Junior Achievement and Detrash, we launched the program Blockchain in Schools. Blockchain will give students the opportunity to learn more about the technological world, such as cryptocurrencies, metaverse, NFT games and web3! Students will be able to absorb knowledge through lectures, workshops, gamification and increase their networking. This program is helping young people discover the latest news in the world of technology and develop logical thinking.

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